Rami and Orit are self-employed marine biologists. They provide the following services:
  1. Environmental assessment reports in relation to marine-related projects
  2. Marine benthic surveys (hard and soft substrates)
  3. Benthos sampling (Grab & Dredge)
  4. Benthos samples analysis – infauna, epifauna (including filtration, fixation, staining and database preparation/
  5. Underwater works – drilling, welding, photography (stills and video).
  6. Technical diving services.
  7. Diving equipment rentals.
  8. Boat services.

Orit Barneah

Orit Barnea
B.Sc. Biology. Tel-Aviv University. Israel, 1996
M.Sc. Zoology. Program in Ecology and Environmental Quality. Tel-Aviv University. 1999.
Ph.D. Zoology. Tel-Aviv University. Israel, 2006. Marine symbiotic associations involving corals, acoel worms and their dinoflagellate algae: Initiation of symbiosis, diversity of symbionts, specificity and mode of symbiont acquisition.

Orit Barneah got her Ph.D from Tel Aviv University and continued for Post doc studies at the Department of Biotechnology Engineering, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel. During this time she has been involved in the research of the Black Band Disease affecting stony corals in the Red Sea. Her current research interests include the phylogenetic diversity of Waminoa sp. worms in Eilat (Red Sea) and its symbiotic Symbiodinium and Amphidinium algae; and the energetic contribution of each of the symbiotic parties involved in a three-party symbiosis (corals, worms and symbiotic algae). For the past 3 years she has been self-employed in the realm of Marine biology, taking part in various projects including marine benthic surveys for Israel's Nature and Parks Authority and assessment of marine benthic samples for the Israeli Electricity Company. In addition she is part of the academic stuff of the Maritime College in Michmoret. Orit also gained experience in the writing of environmental assessment reports.

Rami Tsadok

Rami Zadok
B.Sc. Marine Biology. Michmoret Maritime College. Israel, 2006
M.Sc. Zoology / Ecology life sciences Tel-Aviv University, 2009

Rami is an Israeli Navy Seal instructor (officer), a Ph.D student in the Marine Biology department at the University of Haifa. He is a marine biologist, professional diver, yacht racing sailor, boat builder, and commercial skipper. His fields of interest include anthropogenic and marine environmental issues; atmospheric carbon dioxide emission and ocean acidification as potential threat on Scleractinian coral reefs; beach erosion; the study of sea level bio-indicator organisms; and deep ocean water biological communities. Rami was recently certified as an ROV pilot by the crew of the Nautilus (The research vessel of Dr. Bob Ballard who discovered the Titanic). Rami owns a catamaran boat which is aimed at performing various marine projects.

Scientific Publications:
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For full CV and additional data please contact:
Orit : E-mail: oritbar1@zahav.net.il Phone: 054-5942655
Rami: E-mail: rami.tsadok@gmail.com Phone: 052-8795161